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  • Control

    Bus Modules and Control Peripherals

  • Car

    Cabin equipment: from push buttons and display elements up to the load measuring devices

  • Shaft

    Everything for the shaft: positioning systems, lighting, cable technology

  • Shaft ventilation and smoke extraction
    Shaft ventilation and smoke extraction

    Intelligent control by BlueKit

  • Spare parts

    Control modules, wear parts - all long-term available


Products - Components

Just in time for the changeover to the new website, Kollmorgen presents its new, fully revised and extended range of components. As of now, we will provide own developments and components from well-known manufacturers for maintenance and elevator construction, from overall systems for energy saving down to wear parts. Particular attention has been paid to reasonably priced conditions and top Kollmorgen quality. For clearer arrangement, the product range was subdivided into control system, car and shaft components. In addition, there are systems for shaft ventilation and smoke extraction as well as the extensive range of spare parts.

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