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Kollmorgen Steuerungstechnik – Service

It happens quite frequently that customers have service-related questions regarding relay control systems that are 30 years old or need spare parts for product lines which have long been replaced by others. In most cases, this is not a problem for the colleagues at the  technical support department as taking a look into the technical archive or the large spare parts store can help making sure that the installation concerned can be restarted.

From an economic point of view one may ask if it is worth the effort in times of increasing price erosion. From the point of view of our company philosophy the answer is clearly: YES!
In addition to the computer-assisted customer service management and the comprehensive documentation, our product service also includes a broad training spectrum to give you more information to support you in your work.

Our success - particularly in recent years - shows that we are on the right track because excellent service can be a decisive advantage in competition.