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MPK IQ - Intelligent optimisation functions for your elevator

An optimally adjusted elevator has many advantages. In addition to optimal travel comfort with high transportation capacity, short waiting times and stopping times, energy consumption can be reduced significantly and the wearing of the elevator components can be minimised as well.

Normally, a modern elevator control system is optimally configured for the elevator and largely pre-parameterised already at the factory. Some settings can however not be optimised before the elevator is actually in operation. This requires particularly good knowledge of the control system and components used as well as information concerning the individual traffic volume for the installation.

The service technician must take the time to analyse those factors and take them into account when making adjustments. Kollmorgen is aware of that and has developed MPK IQ software functions for the elevator control systems which automatically optimise the performance of the elevator installation. They can easily be activated via the control system menu during commissioning or maintenance.

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