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Updates - Note

Application components are substituted during the update. Executable files (e.g. KLNLift.exe) are normally substituted as well which is not noticed by many desktop firewall systems. This can result in problems with the establishment of a connection after the execution of the update. If you use a desktop firewall, please check the authorisations of the executable file on your system and manually change the settings of your firewall for the concerned file.

VLUpdate081111 VisualLift
(zip, 1,8 MB)
VLUpdate170707 VisualLift
(zip, 0,05 MB)
KlnRestore Sicherung der Datenbank
(zip, 0,01 MB)
KlnBackup Wiederherstellung der Datenbank
(zip, 0.01 MB)

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