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Car - Emergency call system / intercom system

The CommLift emergency call device is an alarm communication device for elevators with built-in intercom function which makes calls. When the alarm/emergency signal button inside the car is pressed, the elevator telephone automatically establishes a connection with the alarm centre or a pre-programmed alarm recipient. At the same time, the position of the emergency call device is communicated. As soon as the alarm is acknowledged, an intercom connection with the passengers entrapped in the elevator car is established so that they can directly communicate with the alarm centre, and further action can be taken. In addition, we provide an intercom system for communication between machine room and car. The call station together with the analogue telephone unit and the power supply unit in the switch cabinet constitute the Kollmorgen Intercom System, developed especially for use in elevators and geared to real-world needs.


Emergency call system Components
(pdf, 1,5 MB)
KIS - Intercom System
KIS - Intercom System
(pdf, 2,9 MB)