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Control system - The Kollmorgen shaft bus

The Kollmorgen shaft bus (KSB) was developed on the basis of the proven CAN bus physics and enables a cost-efficient and easy serial connection of the shaft signals to the MPK 400 elevator control system. The shaft modules are integrated in the external fittings in a space-saving way, easy to install and connected to each other simply by means of a pluggable, preassembled bus cable. The clear cost benefits are due to savings related to the control system hardware on the one hand, and to the considerable amount of time saved and the minimisation of errors during assembly on the other.

  •     Serial transfer of the shaft signals for storey calls and displays
  •     Very easy assembly
  •     Delivered ready for installation
  •     High savings potential with control system hardware and installation

The following hardware modules are available:

(pdf, 1,73 MB)
(pdf, 1,6 MB)